Message from Division Chair

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Jen Overbeck,Ph.D.

Dear Conflict Management community,

Thank you for joining us! We are a small but vibrant division and we’re working to increase our activity and relevance to serve you.

Who should be part of the CM division?

We attract scholars (and some practitioners) with interests in conflict, broadly defined. This has meant anything from field studies of how conflict types affect work performance, to abusive supervision or workplace bullying, to hierarchy dynamics, to negotiations. We are inclusive in how we think of well-fitting work: Levels of analysis can range from intrapersonal to institutional; methods from lab experiments to large dataset analysis are welcome; and we embrace classic leaders of the field while celebrating new—even challenging—perspectives.

 What does the CM division do?

In the past, we focused on assembling an engaging suite of professional development workshops and inspiring research presentations for the annual AOM meeting, and we bestowed a set of awards for particularly impactful research. We’re continuing these core activities but now building on them as well: As awful as 2020 was in general, we in the CM division have been excited to use this year as a launching point for several new initiatives to make division membership more valuable. Inspired by the global rush to take work and study online, we started a series of online workshops that introduce new teaching exercises, build methodological skills, and foster research development and collaboration. We are building closer partnerships with other groups, such as IACM. And we’re working to do even more.

Who leads the division?

In the past few years, we’ve been ably led by Matt Cronin, Peter Kim, and Kate Bezrukova. Jana Raver currently serves as our Past Division Chair and Kristin Behfar is the Division Chair-Elect. The 2021 Program Chair is Deborah Cai and the PDW Chair is Pri Shah. We have a fantastic slate of reps-at-large, including 2nd-year reps Sebastien Brion and Jamie Lyn Perry, and second-year reps Laura Rees and Ruchi Sinha. Lukas Neville is our heroic communications/IT/social media leader. Any one of us is happy to engage with you at any time about the CM division and how we can work with you.

Watch this space!

In coming months, we’ll share opportunities for you to get involved or just to enjoy the resources and activities we’re creating. Are we missing the mark? Is there something we could do better? Do you love something you see? Please let us know! We encourage transparent, public sharing with the whole division, or you can just write to me and I’ll work with our board to address your thoughts. And the 2021 AOM program is coming soon! 

Thanks, and I look forward to connecting with you.

Jen Overbeck
CM Division Chair

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